In The Shadow Of The Smokies

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Additional data is available from our In The Shadow Of The Smokies publication.

---(l)liand, _______ --to-- Allen, George C.
Allen, George G. --to-- Arlsey, Mary (Arlsey) Connatser
Armistead, Lillian O. --to-- Atchley, Jamie Lee
Atchley, Jennie --to-- Autrey, Fannie
Autrey, Fay (Autrey) Ball --to-- Baker, Jane (Baker) Huff
Baker, Jane J. --to-- Ball, Cleo
Ball, Clifford L. --to-- Barnett, Horace
Barnett, Lena Stott --to-- Berrier, W. M.
Berrier, Walter --to-- Blalock, Jane S.
Blalock, Jannie --to-- Bohanan, Noah
Bohanan, Otha J. --to-- Brabson, Samuel Rorex
Brabson, Tulah --to-- Breeden, Calvin
Breeden, Camiel --to-- Brock, Ella (Brock) Conner
Brock, Ethel --to-- Bryan, Laura (Bryan) Bassett
Bryan, Lawrence --to-- Burns, Margaret (Burns) Wiggins
Burns, Margaret Burns Wiggins --to-- Calloway, Minnie (Calloway) Sparry
Calvern, Mattie (Calvern) Thomas --to-- Cardwell, Eliza J.
Cardwell, Elizebeath C. --to-- Carroll, Archie Joe
Carroll, B. N. --to-- Cate, Pernie Mae
Cate, Ray Stanley --to-- Catlett, William R.
Catlett, Willie --to-- Chance, Child
Chance, Clyde W. --to-- Christopher, Cordelia
Christopher, Debra Joan --to-- Clabough, Martha
Clabough, Martha (Clabough) Turner --to-- Clinton, Imogene
Clinton, Infant --to-- Coleman, Dorothy
Coleman, Ella Mae --to-- Conner, A. J.
Conner, Ada Estelle --to-- Covington, A. J.
Covington, Ben --to-- Crowson, N. C.
Crowson, Nancy A. --to-- Davis, Carey Lee
Davis, Clara Lou --to-- Delozier, Flora Ellen
Delozier, George L. --to-- Dinkins, Eula Irene
Dinkins, Hugh M. --to-- Dotson, Clara Ella
Dotson, Joseph C. --to-- Duggan, Pearl (Duggan) Fox
Duggan, Philip Sherman --to-- Eledge, Effie Mae
Eledge, Eurma H. --to-- Emert, J. Ed
Emert, James --to-- Etherton, W. Victor
Etherton, Wayne --to-- Ferguson, Edna Ellen
Ferguson, Ellen R. --to-- Fleming, Decator
Fleming, Dwight Ogle --to-- Flynn, Rochelle L.
Flynn, Roxie W. --to-- Fox, Idie
Fox, Infant --to-- Franklin, Charles H.
Franklin, Charles W. --to-- Fry, James William
Frye, Georgia (Frye) Jones --to-- Gaut, Marquis
Gay, Hertage Sue --to-- Gibson, Wiley J.
Gibson, William Howard Jr. --to-- Gobble, Kettie (Gobble) Hutcheson
Gobble, Louisa G. --to-- Green, Hazel
Green, Henrietta --to-- Grooms, Reba (Grooms) Widner
Grooms, Rosa A. --to-- Hancock, Adam
Hancock, Alex G. --to-- Harrell, Robert Alf
Harrell, Sanders Jr. --to-- Haynes, Pearl M.
Haynes, Robert E. --to-- Helton, Dicie Huskey
Helton, Dora (Helton) Perry --to-- Henderson, Sallie
Henderson, Sallie R. Runnyan --to-- Henry, Wives
Henry, Wm. --to-- Higgins, Georgine
Higgins, Mabel Lee --to-- Hodges, Calvin M.
Hodges, Catharine R. --to-- Holt, Charlie P.
Holt, Dewey Thomas --to-- Houser, William M.
Housewright, Charles W. --to-- Huff, Leon
Huff, Lillian B. --to-- Hurst, Clyde W.
Hurst, Conard Cleo --to-- Huskey, Beatrice Mrs.
Huskey, Beecher --to-- Huskey, Pearl J.
Huskey, Pearle --to-- Irwin, Joyce Elane
Irwin, Larry Dean --to-- Jenkins, Millard F.
Jenkins, Nancy --to-- Johnson, Nancy C.
Johnson, Nancy J. --to-- Justus, Joy Fay
Justus, Julius A. --to-- Kelley, Ezalee
Kelley, Hattie M. --to-- King, Betty Jo
King, Billy --to-- King, Sylvia
King, Tilda --to-- Lacy, Robert Lee
Laetsch, Sadie T. --to-- Lanning, Ellen
Lanning, Emmaline --to-- Lawson, Evolina D.
Lawson, Frank Daniel --to-- Leatherwood, Claud C.
Leatherwood, Columbus C. --to-- Lewis, Bessie
Lewis, Caroline --to-- Logan, Dialtha Cate
Lonas, Carrie Finger --to-- Loveday, Jacob
Loveday, James A. --to-- Lowe, Gertrude Carter
Lowe, Grady Buford --to-- Manis, Annie L.
Manis, Arthur H. --to-- Maples, Freddie Eugene
Maples, G. M. Rev. --to-- Maples, William Everett
Maples, William R. --to-- Mathews, George Walter
Mathews, John L. --to-- McCarter, Andy
McCarter, Anner --to-- McCarter, Kenneth I.
McCarter, Kenneth Jr. --to-- McClure, Della Alice
McClure, Earl W. --to-- McGaha, (no name)
McGaha, Ann Ownby --to-- McMahan, Delia Cornelia Farr
McMahan, Dewey O. --to-- McMahan, Rebecca (McMahan) Maples
McMahan, Rebecca A. --to-- Merritt, Charlie F.
Merritt, Laura --to-- Mize, Daisy
Mize, David W. --to-- Moore, Martha Ann
Moore, Martha J. --to-- Murphy, Arthur E.
Murphy, B. W. --to-- Myers, R. D. Mrs.
Myers, Ruth F. (Myers) Flynn --to-- Nichols, J. H.
Nichols, James --to-- Odum, L.
Odum, Mable Lucile --to-- Ogle, Etta (Ogle) Dodgen
Ogle, Etter Huskey --to-- Ogle, Lula May
Ogle, Luster --to-- Ogle, Sarah Jessi
Ogle, Sarah Kear --to-- Ownby, Berton
Ownby, Bes --to-- Ownby, Oda
Ownby, Olive --to-- Parrott, Lindse, Hannah C.
Parrott, Lizzie (Parrott) Ellis --to-- Parton, Minnie A.
Parton, Minyard --to-- Peirce, Ally (Peirce) Clyce
Pendleton, Harry C. --to-- Pollard, Elizabeth A.
Pollard, Emma (Pollard) Hancock --to-- Proctor, Chauncy C.
Proctor, Imagene --to-- Ragan, M. E.
Raines, Hettie --to-- Randles, Millie
Randles, Nancy --to-- Reagan, Edna O.
Reagan, Eliza --to-- Rector, Josephine Brown
Rector, Julia --to-- Richardson, Charles C.
Richardson, Dorothy M. --to-- Roberts, O. L.
Roberts, Orville G. --to-- Rogers, Clayton Otilee
Rogers, Clyde V. --to-- Rolen, William
Rolen, William P. --to-- Rule, Mary Ruth Mashburn
Rule, Maude (Rule) Walker --to-- Sarten, Mary Osoline
Sarten, Okla R. --to-- Sexton, Malinda
Sexton, Manervia --to-- Shields, George Victor
Shields, Hobart McKinley --to-- Shults, Isaac B.
Shults, J. A. Rev. --to-- Sims, Florence Z.
Sims, Geneva --to-- Smith, Carl H.
Smith, Carmayfield --to-- Smith, W. F.
Smith, W. Harvey --to-- Spring, Martha Whaley
Spring, Stella (Spring) Moore --to-- Stiles, Lula Smith
Stiles, Mart --to-- Strike, Florance M.
Strike, Roy V. --to-- Swabe, Florence W.
Swabe, M. A. --to-- Teague, Harrson
Teague, Hattie Parton --to-- Thomas, Harton F.
Thomas, Hattie (Thomas) Shepherd --to-- Thompson, George Guy
Thompson, Gilbert --to-- Townsend, Cahrles E.
Townsend, Dona E. --to-- Trevena, Mary E.
Trevena, N. Haskew --to-- Tuder, Lydea E. Shults
Tuggle, Lila Johnson --to-- Underwood, Maj. Earl G.
Underwood, Majorie N. (Underwood) McCampbell --to-- Valentine, S. H.
Valentine, Sallie B. --to-- Walker, Grace (Walker) Tarwater
Walker, Hal --to-- Wardell, M. A.
Wardell, Margaret E. --to-- Watson, Sallie
Watson, Sallie Howard --to-- Webb, J. C.
Webb, J. M. --to-- Whaley, Bill A.
Whaley, Billie Douglas --to-- Whaley, Manley Davis
Whaley, Margie D. --to-- Whitehead, Margaret
Whitehead, Mary Lois --to-- Williams, Carl Vestal
Williams, Carolyn Faye --to-- Williams, Lucille Edmonds
Williams, Luellar --to-- Willis, Dave F.
Willis, Shirley B. --to-- Worth, Mollie D.
Worth, Nancy C. --to-- Zollinger, Alexander

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