Ridenour, Samuel --to-- Vess, McKinley

Ridenour, Samuel --to-- Ridenour, Vess, McKinley Stephanie Paige
Ridenour, Stephen Augustus --to-- Ridenour, Walter Loren
Ridenour, Walter M. --to-- Ridings, Harriet L.
Ridings, Jacob Daniel 'Jake' --to-- Ringmere, Athelstan, King At
Ringmere, Miss, Queen Of --to-- Robert, Samuel
Robertes, Margaret --to-- Roberts, Jim
Roberts, Joe Max --to-- Robertson,
Robertson, --to-- Robertson, Martha 'Mattie'
Robertson, Mary E. --to-- Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Ellen A. --to-- Rodgers, James L.
Rodgers, Janet Pamela --to-- Rogers, Leroy
Rogers, Lidyia --to-- Rolen, Benajah
Rolen, Benajah A. --to-- Rolen, Janet Claudette
Rolen, Jared --to-- Rolen, Samuel R.
Rolen, Sarah --to-- Root, Frank W.
Roots, --to-- Ross, William
Ross, William --to-- Rule,
Rule, --to-- Runyan,
Runyan, --to-- Russell, Irma
Russell, Isaac --to-- Sager, Albert
Sager, Albert Edward --to-- Sanchez, Sancha
Sanchez_De_Ayala, Diego --to-- Savoy, Agnes Countess Of
Savoy, Alix Countess Of --to-- Sawyer, Lana Elizabeth
Sawyer, Levi P --to-- Scarlet, John
Scarlett, James --to-- Scotland, Donald 'Bane' III,
Scotland, Donald I King --to-- Scott, William Rowe
Scouten, Matilda --to-- Searcy, Marcellus Landers
Searcy, Martha --to-- Seaton, Jason Bret
Seaton, Jerry --to-- Seijka, Sophie
Seiler, --to-- Shalley, Sue
Shally, Margaret --to-- Sharp, Mary
Sharp, Mary Beth --to-- Shedd, Francis Haskell
Shedd, Henry --to-- Shepherd,
Shepherd, Alexander --to-- Sheyburne, Thomas
Shidler, Susanna --to-- Shields, Jacob Hoover
Shields, James --to-- Shields, Nathan Veatch
Shields, Nettie Kate 'Kate' --to-- Shirley, Bessie
Shirley, N. C. --to-- Shull, Robert
Shulor, --to-- Shults, Lacy
Shults, Larry Jackson --to-- Shultz,
Shultz, --to-- Shultz, David Bernard
Shultz, David Bernard --to-- Shultz, Hannah
Shultz, Hannah --to-- Shultz, Julianna
Shultz, Kathy Leigh --to-- Shultz, Noah
Shultz, Noah L. --to-- Shultz, Wesley
Shultz, William --to-- Sims, Jeffrey Todd
Sims, Jimmy --to-- Skjoldsson, Fridleif
Skjoldsson, Mrs-Fridleif --to-- Sloan, Sallee
Sloan, Sally --to-- Smith,
Smith, --to-- Smith, Christopher
Smith, Christopher --to-- Smith, James
Smith, James --to-- Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary --to-- Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas --to-- Snelling, Mrs.
Snelling, Robert --to-- Sodington, William
Sofley, --to-- Spence, Garry D.
Spence, Hal --to-- Spiece, Ray
Spierenberg, --to-- St_Denis, Jerome Hieronimus Abbot
St_Denis, Louis Abbot Of --to-- Standish, John
Standish, Lawrence --to-- Starkey, Martha
Starkey, Mary Catherine --to-- Sternberg, James C.
Sterritt, Mary --to-- Stiltner, Charlie
Stiltner, Eunice --to-- Stinnett, Esther Lee
Stinnett, Eula Katherine --to-- Stinnett, Mattie
Stinnett, Michael B. --to-- Stockton,
Stockton, David --to-- Stoner, Roy Lee
Stoner, Sarah Louise --to-- Stratton, John
Straundon, Margaret --to-- Sullivan, Lela Grace
Sullivan, Nancy Jane --to-- Sutton, Robbie A.
Sutton, Ruth --to-- Swearingen, Van
Swearingen, Van --to-- Taillebois, Lucy
Taillefer, Aymer De --to-- Tarwater, Ernest
Tarwater, Estel --to-- Taylor, Evelyn
Taylor, Freda Pearl --to-- Teaster, Charles
Teaster, Charlie Monroe --to-- Terrace, Kim
Terrace, Ray --to-- Thomas, Arthur
Thomas, Belle --to-- Thomas, Linda Kay
Thomas, Lloyd --to-- Thompson,
Thompson, --to-- Thurman, Rolland Hiram (R._H.)
Thurman, Sally --to-- Tinsley,
Tinsley, --to-- Tipton, William Harvey
Tirel, Walter --to-- Toulouse, Raimond V, Count
Toulouse, Raimond VI Count --to-- Townsend, David Duane
Townsend, David Leroy --to-- Townsend, Vernie Ethel
Townsend, W. Filmore --to-- Trentham, A. D.
Trentham, Abram Lee --to-- Trentham, E.
Trentham, E. W. --to-- Trentham, John William
Trentham, Jonah --to-- Trentham, Minnie
Trentham, Minnie --to-- Trentham, Una Elizabeth
Trentham, Valley Ethel --to-- Trotter, Amanda C.
Trotter, Amos --to-- Trotter, Mary Wynn
Trotter, Matilda Jane --to-- Trundle, P. Raymond
Trundle, Paul William --to-- Tyrrel, John David
Tyson, --to-- Underwood, Michael Clay
Underwood, Michael D. --to-- Valentine,
Valentine, --to-- Valentine, Lawson
Valentine, Lawson Randolph --to-- Van_Arsdale, Alberta
Van_Arsdale, Emma --to-- Varner, Henrietta
Varney, Arthur Raymond --to-- Verdon, Margaret De
Verdon, Thomas De --to-- Vess, McKinley

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