Hackney, Nellie Alice --to-- Macomber, Byron C.

Hackney, Nellie Alice --to-- Hale, Macomber, Byron C. Thomas Earl
Hales, Alice De --to-- Hamilton, Bob
Hamilton, Bryan --to-- Hannah, Cheryl Anne
Hannah, Clifford --to-- Hardin, James Marion
Hardin, James T. --to-- Harrington, Alice
Harrington, Bruce --to-- Hart, Dirk
Hart, Elijah Cornet --to-- Harwood, Anna
Harwood, Anne --to-- Hatch, Sarah Mabel
Hatch, Stedman --to-- Hatcher, Rebecca
Hatcher, Rebecca --to-- Hawk, Brazilla
Hawk, Carl --to-- Hayes, Bryan
Hayes, Catherine --to-- Headrick, Howard
Headrick, Huldah Alice --to-- Heavin, Wiley
Heavins, Eugene --to-- Heitschmidt, Oscar H.
Helgasson, Yrsa --to-- Hembree, James
Hembree, James Alfred --to-- Henderson, Ernest B.
Henderson, Eugene --to-- Henel, Alice
Henery, Cynthia Carole --to-- Henry, Eliza E.
Henry, Elizabeth --to-- Henry, Maranda
Henry, Margaret --to-- Henry, William
Henry, William --to-- Hess, Samuel
Hess, Stanley --to-- Hicks,
Hicks, --to-- Hill, Catherine
Hill, Charles W. --to-- Hills, Susan
Hillyer, Inez Victoria --to-- Hodges, Andrew J.
Hodges, Annie --to-- Hohl, Peter
Hoke, Angela Denise --to-- Holland, Dirk (Dietrich) III,
Holland, Dirk I, Count --to-- Holway, Peter
Holy_Roman_Empir, (Dietrich) Thierry 'The_Monk' --to-- Hood, Paul
Hood, Phillip Martin --to-- Hopson, Don
Hopson, Gary --to-- Householder, David Manley 'Dave'
Householder, Edgar D. 'Ed' --to-- Houser, Sally Violet
Houser, Stella Gertrude --to-- Howard, John
Howard, John --to-- Howell, Homer
Howell, Homer --to-- Huff, Catherine
Huff, Charity A. --to-- Huffman, Charles A.
Huffman, Esta --to-- Hungary, Ogyek, Prince Of
Hungary, Piroska (Iren), Princess --to-- Hurst, Celia
Hurst, Charles --to-- Hurst, Wesley
Hurst, William Kernel 'W._K.' --to-- Huskey, Barbara Kaye
Huskey, Baxter --to-- Huskey, DeLafayette
Huskey, DeLafayette --to-- Huskey, Frank
Huskey, Frank --to-- Huskey, J. Tilman
Huskey, Jack --to-- Huskey, Josie
Huskey, Josie --to-- Huskey, Martha
Huskey, Martha --to-- Huskey, Perry
Huskey, Peter --to-- Huskey, Sherrod S.
Huskey, Shirl --to-- Hussmann, Christopher
Hussmann, Jerri Lynn --to-- Hyfaidd, Llywarch Ap
Hyfaidd, Mrs-Llywarch Ap --to-- Isenhour, George Michael
Isenhour, John Michael --to-- Jackson, Micah Paul
Jackson, Pearl --to-- Jeffries, William
Jeffts, Hannah --to-- Jerusalem, Sibylle Queen Of
Jessop, Elizabeth --to-- Johnson, Betty Jo
Johnson, Billie --to-- Johnson, M. B.
Johnson, Margaret --to-- Jones,
Jones, --to-- Jones, Sara Jean
Jones, Sarah --to-- Justus, Julius Alexander
Justus, L. G. --to-- Kear, Elizabeth
Kear, Elmer Calvin --to-- Keeler,
Keeler, Amanda Melvina --to-- Kelley, Ottis L.
Kelley, Rayford --to-- Kennedy, Vickie
Kennedy, William A. --to-- Ketchersid, Karma Jean
Ketchersid, William Columbus --to-- Kimbrough, Charles
Kimbrough, Charlie --to-- King, Bertha Jane
King, Bertie M. --to-- King, Elizabeth 'Betty'
King, Elizabeth Ann --to-- King, J. C.
King, Jack C. --to-- King, June
King, Karen Gay --to-- King, Mary Rosetta
King, Mary Trundle --to-- King, Rodney
King, Ronald Wade --to-- King, William Riley
King, William Riley --to-- Kitchen, Elizabeth
Kitchen, Emma --to-- Knapp, William
Knapp, William --to-- Komnene, Irini
Komnene, Maria --to-- Kuhn, Molly
Kullmer, Hellmuth Otto --to-- Lambert, Harold
Lambert, Hester --to-- Lane, Brigget Ann
Lane, Carl --to-- Langworthy, Laura May
Lanham, William Albert --to-- Large, Perry
Large, R. C. --to-- Latham, Malinda E.
Latham, Marion --to-- Lawrence, Enoch or Enos
Lawrence, Gilbert --to-- Lawrence, Samuel
Lawrence, Sarah --to-- Lawson, Kate
Lawson, Laura E. --to-- Layman, James Ray
Layman, James Richard --to-- Ledbetter, Mida
Ledbetter, Nancy --to-- Leighton, Harland R.
Leighton, Robert --to-- Lethco, Marie
Lethco, Mary E. --to-- Lewis, Wanda
Lewis, Wesley --to-- Lilly, Laura Faye
Lilly, Lydia --to-- Lindsey, Henry Bart
Lindsey, James --to-- Little, Sarah
Little, Stephen --to-- Lonas, Melinda Dee 'Mindy'
London, Charles --to-- Lorraine, Hugo Hugues Prince
Lorraine, Ida --to-- Loveday, Lela Grace
Loveday, Lloyd --to-- Lowe, Nancy
Lowe, Nathan --to-- Ludwic, Helen Katherine
Luen, Rebecca --to-- Lyerly, Cowsa Elmira
Lyerly, David Alexander --to-- Mabe, Terri Lynn
Maberley_or_Mobb, Margeria --to-- Macomber, Adelia R.
Macomber, Adoniram Judson --to-- Macomber, Byron C.

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